Grout Injection and Anchoring to Concrete

Grout is used for leveling the base plates and setting it at the specified elevation on the foundation or at the specified distance from concrete surfaces. Usually after placement and hardening in the space between a base plate and the concrete surface, the grout is expected to maintain the original level and alignment of the plates permanently and transfer all loads to the concrete. Therefore it is very essential to choose the correct grout materials and grouting procedure. Grouting shall be implemented as to prevent air entrapment. For this purpose the pumped placements is an appropriate choice.

Anchors in concrete used to transmit structural loads by means of tension, shear, or a combination of tension and shear between: (a) connected structural elements; or (b) safety-related attachments and structural elements and Post-installed anchors are installed in hardened concrete. Using of post installed anchor bolts in structural strengthening methods such as concrete or steel jackets are very usual. Post-Installed Mechanical Anchors and adhesive anchors shall be designed for critical effects of factored loads as determined by elastic or plastic analysis approaches based on control of the various types of steel and concrete failure modes.


With a wealth of experiences in grouting and anchoring to concrete, MSD is providing expertise the following services:

  • Pressure injection and pumped placements of grout under the base plates;
  • Pressure injection and pumped placements of grout in space between steel plates and concrete surfaces in various applications such as steel jacket used to strengthen concrete structures;
  • Designing and executing anchors in concrete used to structural strengthening and structural or nonstructural elements connections based on related codes and standards such as ACI 318-08.